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Check out this sweeet mini magazine put out this summer by Alternative Press and RED Music! There’s 25 exclusive interviews and reviews by AP magazine. 20 band logo stickers, and temporary tattoos, 4 limited edition collectable guitar picks, and 5 out of 20 ‘Summer of Rock’ trading cards. It also includes a 20 track bonus CD of the bands featured. And each mini mag comes with a collectable cover!

Sound AWESOME? You bet it is. And it’s only $5! Pick it up exclusively at your nearest Walmart. 
For more information on the mini mag, click the banner above!


"Pleasure" Ryland shirts for sale!

A month or so ago I posted on here asking if anyone would be interested in purchasing shirts like the ones I made last summer for Ryland that read 'Pleasure'. There was quite a response so the production of them has begun!

Shirts will be white like Ryland’s original “Pleasure” shirt, with the inks blended on each one. Because it’s all done by me, in my living room, silkscreened by hand, every shirt is different and has its own imperfections; this makes each shirt unique and one of a kind. The inks I have so far are: neon pink, neon green, blue and purple. You can pick up to two colors to combine for your design. More color options may be added at a later date!

Shirts will be $13. Payments can be accepted through PayPal (see below), and well concealed cash (if you'd like to pay this way, email me at xvalderie@gmail.com with your size and color choices)

Pick 2 Colors:

If any of you live in New York City/Long Island and are interested in ordering a shirt, email me! We can probably arrange a drop off at a show so you don't have to pay for shipping :)


NYLON Summer Music Tour!

Want some new music? Why not check out Patrick Wolf and The Plastiscines? Both are signed onto Nylon Records and are on the Nylon Summer Music Tour. Take a gander at the dates above, or click either banner for more info and ticketing information.

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